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Atec Espec-TSE-11-A User Manual • Options, Safety devices accessories • Atec Equipment Manuals Directory ManualsDir. Get the Espec TSE-12-A Thermal Shock Chamber tse-11-a now from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. CONTROL SOFTWARE FOR CONTROL AND DOCUMENTATION. exposure range −65 to 0℃ (−85 to +32℉) Temperature fl uctuation *2 ±0.

SYSTEM BLOCK DIAGRAM System controller power supply 10 boards per unit tse-11-a manual 4 MSMs per board GP-IB Uninterruptable Uninterruptable power supply Backup power supply for controller (Does not reset automatically when power tse-11-a manual restored) MSM unit Manual prober Hot chuck controller Printer E-BUS MSM unit Incorporates 40ch MSMs per unit (maximum 5 units) Connection BOX panel Can be set as panel for prober. ) Specifications are subject to change without notice due to design improvements. Keywords: Espec 2 Zone Vertical Thermal Shock Chamber | Environmental Temperature Test Chamber Updated::18:03. Model TSE-11-A *1 Performance indicators conform to JTM K01-1998 of Japan Testing Machinery Association. Design Alteration Warning: Use exact replacement parts only, i. 3 expands testing capabilities and helps discover product failures. Built-in Floppy Disk Drive For Easy. 8"D X 9"H O.

Specimen: Plastic molded ICs 2kg Air Recovery time: < 5 min. VARIATION OF CHAMBERS 3 200Ž 933 to 1m×102Pan i 700 to 1 Torrj LC CONVECTION OVEN 200Ž/250Ž 90L/165L/360L LCV VACUUM OVEN 200Ž 0 to -101kPa iGaugej ST(H) DESK-TOP TYPE HIGH-TEMP CHAMBER 200Ž/300Ž 15L/28L/39L Temperature Chamber (Vertical type) PV(H) 200Ž^ 300Ž i 392°F^ 572°Fj Temperature Chamber (Horizontal type) Ultra-High Temperature Chamber Ultra-High Temperature. Pre-heat upper limit +200℃ (+392℉) Temp.

Then, resume testing. Espec - Model TSE - 11 - A - Small Thermal Shock Chambers - Brochure ESPEC offers a compact, but highly performant thermal shock chamber ideal for the requirements of test standards with small and low-volume specimen. Model TSE-11-A System 2-zone transition by vertical transfer of specimen Performance *1 Test area High temp. exposure range Temperature uctuation *2 Pre-heat upper limit Temp. The tse-11-a manual Espec TSE-11-A is a high performance thermal shock chamber ideal for the requirements of test standards of small and low-volume specimen.

Thermal Shock Chamber (Air to Air) Damper Type Available model with low refrigerant R-449A. *4 Excluding protrusions. Sample Rates up to 5 GS/s 2 or 4 Channels.

exposure range -65 to 0℃ (-85 to +32℉) Temperature fl uctuation *2 ±0. Also, correct the absolute low limit setting as necessary. F EATURES AND B ENEFITS. com - online owner manuals library Search. exposure: 1 min. View and Download Atec Western-Graphtec-WR7700 instruction manual online. , only those that are specified in the drawings and parts lists of this manual. TSE-11-A; Interior Volume : 0.

Performance Meeting the high performance required by today&39;s test standards Specimen temperature recovery (example) (based on MIL-STD-883 condition C) Test conditions Temperature uniformity measurement method High temp. exposure: -65oC, 30min. TSE-11-A ESPEC Thermal Shock Chamber JEN410 IR Reflow Oven Manufacturing and Standards – PMI East Coast Operations Frederick, MD (2) Agilent N5230A PNA (10MHz to 20GHz) (1) Agilent 8720ES VNA (50MHz to 20GHz) (1) Agilent N4691 E-CAL (10MHz to 20GHz) (1) Agilent N4692 E-CAL (10MHz to 40GHz). Manual PCB Checker: Model E series. recovery Clod chamber Hot Test area chamber TSE-11-A 2-zone transition by vertical transfer of specimen Model System High temp. The sliding door maximizes limited space without being concerned with the door opening and closing space.

If the same alarm occurs again, call for service. Never alter or add to the. placed on two levels in each of the corners Specimens: ICs, 10 kg and in the. Espec Thermal Shock Chamber Model TSE-11-A I.

9℉) Hot chamber Pre-heat upper limit +200℃ (+392℉). Did you think that getting a thermal shock chamber was too expensive, required special utilities, and half your lab-space? Specifically designed to meet the needs of MIL, IEC, JASO, and other international testing standards, the Espec TSE-11-A can reach temperature levels as low as -65°C and as high as 200°C. 29"W X 42"D X 65"H Temperature Range: -60 to +200 Deg. Thermal shock test chamber Condenser: Air cooled (2) Zones Low temperature: -65°C to 0°C High temperature: 60°C to 200°C Power: 208 V - 220 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase.

Manual Characteristics, Smooth specimen transfer, Uniform temperature distribution across specimens – Atec Espec-TSE-11-A User Manual Page 3: Examples of temperature uniformity. 11 Liters: Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) 12. ESPEC serving North America and around the world. C Espec Programmer, Over and Under Temperature Protection Includes Castors, Shelf Power: 208V, 3Ph, 26 Amps INCLUDES OUR 100% PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY Stock 332J. exposure range Low temp. ESPEC North America has sold and manufactured environmental test chambers in the United States since 1983. Outstanding user convenience, clearly structured windows and operation features and the EM TEST standards library along with the flexibility to generate user specific test sequences very easily are the main features of iec. *3 At ambient temperature +23 ℃.

This is especially important for the Interlock switches, described above. control software. pull-down time *3 Pre-cool lower limit 2 zones High temperature exposure:, 30 min. Model TSE-11-A TSD-101-W High temp. Thermal Shock Chamber I. 500 MHz, 300 MHz, and 100 MHz Bandwidths. TSE-11-A Rental; Interior Volume : 0. Find local sales rep.

TSE-11-A TW5B28C05 (The contents of this catalog is as of April,. The TSE-11 thermal shock chamber is the solution. exposure: min. E16133-Z1609 Thermal Shock Chamber TSD-101-W TSE-12-A TW10B28C05 (The contents of this catalog is as of September,. OVERHEATING 〔6〕 The temperature inside the chamber has risen above the.

Find and download ESPEC chamber operation manuals to get the most out of your environmental test chambers. The TSE-12 thermal shock chamber is the solution. 8 thermal cycling requirements with 4 kg. Call us:. Model TSE-11-A System 2-zone system by means of vertical movement of specimen Operation temperature 0 to +40℃ (+32 to +104℉) Performance *3 Test area High temp. Automatic setting of pre-cooling and pre-heating for energy savings/Eco operation mode (Patent pending). exposure range +60 ~+200 ℃( +140 to +392 。F ).

(Overseas subsidiaries not included) Environmental Management System Assessed. Espec TSE-11-A Thermal Shock Chamber, -65°C to 200°C. exposure range +60 to +200℃ (+140 to +392℉) Low temp. System integration with. 3 Benchtop Vibration Table is ideal for reliability testing of compact products and electronics. The Cincinnati Sub-Zero TCB-1. exposure range -65 to 0 oC -77 to 0 oC Recovery Condition High temp. The Espec TSE-12-A Thermal Shock Chamber is a two-zone chamber capable of exposing specimen to a uniform thermal stress by international standards.

If cooling sources are overcooling the chamber, reduce their number. *2 Temperature heat-up/pull-down rate imply performance of each temperature chamber. the refrigerator is on manual control, correct the capacity setting. Meets strict Mil-Std.

exposure range +60 to +200 oC +60 to +205 oC Low temp. 8"D X 9"H Temperature Range: -60° to +200°C Espec Programmer, Over and Under Temperature Protection Includes Castors & Shelf Power:. TSE-11-A; Interior Volume : 0. Make sure that the fuse has the correct rating for the particular model being repaired.

The Espec TSE-11-A Thermal Shock Chamber is a high performance two-zone chamber ideal for the requirements of test standards of small and low-volume specimen. Thermocouples were embedded in 10 ICs Low temp. Full VGA Color LCD on all Models. Corporate names and trade names mentioned in this catalog are trademarks or registered trademarks.

heat-up time *3 Temp. 2-zone transition by vertical transfer of specimen. Model: TSE-11-A Links: View Spec Sheet View Manual Contact Us for more information. Automatic Labeler and Sorting for 8″ and 12″ Mounted Wafer: Model-AMWS300M. ‚X sEHS|211iMj¥221iMj¥411iMjt œ Shelves large×1, small×1 EHS-211(M)¥411(M) large : 248 W×288 Dmm small : 229 W×288 Dmm EHS-221(M) large : 348 W×396 Dmm small : 285 W×416 Dmm œ Fuse (250V 3A) 2 œ Plug for external alarm terminal and specimen power supply control terminal 2 œ Cable clamp 1 œ Wet-bulb wick (for type M) 50 œ. exposure range -65 to 0℃ (-85 to +32℉) Temperature fl uctuation *1 ±0. Equipped with superior temperature recovery performance capable of answering the. Downloads, brochures and product documentation from Espec North America, Inc.

Equipped with a manual vertical sliding door activated by the unlock button. Only 26 inches wide, the TSE-11 transfers product loads between cold and hot zones with a temperature range of -65°C to 200°C. exposure: +150oC, 30min. As an option, the door can be automatically opened/ closed at the touch of a button for ease of operations even when carrying specimens.

Tse-11-a manual

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